Solidity and Transparency

We are a family-owned company that has developed a solid corporate governance model, attentive to the needs of business evolution and guiding relationships among shareholders, management and other stakeholders. This model has been improving over the last decades and, in 2014, defined how the holding company (Votorantim S.A.) relates to companies within its portfolio.

The shareholding control of the Company is exercised by the Ermírio de Moraes family and our governance establishes structured succession guidelines ensuring confidence to stakeholders and the management autonomy of our companies, which adopt best market accounting practices even when they are not publicly-traded.

In addition, we have a structured Compliance program, which enables a healthy relationship between the Company and society, guaranteeing transparency, ethical action and integrity.

Our Compliance program is structured in seven pillars and includes our Code of Conduct, an Ethical Line that guarantees confidentiality for complaints and independent investigation and an Anti-Corruption Program, installed prior to the Brazilian regulation on the matter.

Statutory Board of Directors
Eduardo Vassimon Chairperson
José Roberto Ermírio De Moraes Vice President
Cláudio Ermírio De Moraes Effective Member
Luís Ermírio De Moraes Effective Member
Oscar De Paula Bernardes Neto Independent Effective Member
Marcelo Pereira Lopes de Medeiros Independent Effective Member
Marcos Marinho Lutz Independent Effective Member
Statutory Officers
João Schmidt CEO
Sergio Malacrida CFO
Luiz Aparecido Caruso Neto Center of Excellence Director
Glaisy Peres Domingues Legal Director

Compliance Program

Our corporate conduct is anchored in values that have been defined over our 100 years of existence and reflects our commitment to managing our businesses with integrity and transparency, always seeking high levels of ethical standards. This conduct is aimed at ensuring business sustainability and that our Values (Solidity, Ethics, Respect, Entrepreneurship and Union) permeate all our actions, investment decisions and relationships with stakeholders.

Based on Values, Management Beliefs and a Code of Conduct, which establishes the essential elements that must be present in the relations among companies and their employees with different publics, we structured and maintain the Compliance Program since 2013.

And, as part of this broader Program, the Anti-Corruption Program has evolved, consolidating our commitment to the constant search for best practices, encouraging the fight against corruption and the damages it causes in the political, economic and social spheres. The objective is to disseminate the scope and relevance of the theme among all employees, shareholders, clients, suppliers, public power, media, community and society in general, ensuring that its effectiveness results in the protection and value preservation for companies.

And, to make our Program even more effective, we encourage the reporting of any suspicious unlawful acts by offering the Ethics Line, since 2006, to all employees, ensuring a confidential and anonymous reporting channel. All reports are investigated and directed in accordance with internal policies and current legislation.

We are constantly evolving, consolidating good practices and adapting to new realities.


One of the pillars of our Compliance Program is the prevention of corruption. Therefore, we create targeted content with the objective of engaging everyone in actions that guide the prevention of corrupt acts, disseminating ways to always proceed in the right direction. These guidelines, which are always endorsed by our senior management, are applicable to all our employees and are shared with our business partners.

Understanding in detail the risks of corrupt practices, as well as the actions that must be taken to avoid them, contributes to the creation of an ethical and sustainable business environment.

For more information, please read the Anti-Corruption Policy and Anti-Corruption Manual.

Ethics Line

To gain awareness, analyze and resolve any questions regarding the Code of Conduct, we maintain a channel called the Ethics Line, which can be accessed by internal and external audiences.

Impartial and transparent, the Ethics Line guarantees the confidentiality of information, preserves the identity of those involved and promotes a better environment for everyone. Through this channel, it is possible to clarify interpretation doubts, inform complaints on noncompliance with the Code of Conduct and carry out its monitoring. The service is available in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

When making a report, you can choose to remain anonymous.

To contact the Ethics Line

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The phone number remains:

0800 89 11 729

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit was established in 2002 to strengthen Votorantim s governance practices and control environment. It is an independent and objective activity that seeks to examine, evaluate, monitor and recommend possible improvements in processes and internal controls, in order to add value and contribute to risk management. Each of Votorantim’s investees has an Internal Audit team that reports to the Audit Committee, which is an advisory committee of the Board of Directors consisting of independent members.

The teams have several professionals, responsible for the work in all countries in which Votorantim’s companies operate in. The Internal Audit work plan is defined annually through a process that considers a few steps: analysis of the main processes, interview with key executives to collect data and impressions, results of previously verifications, operations and processes with greater degree of exposure to risks and operations and processes defined as strategic.

In addition to carrying out the works determined in the annual planning, in joint action with the Conduct Committee, the Internal Audit acts in the assessment and search for solutions for reports or complaints received by the Ethics Line channel.

Code of Conduct

Inspired by Values and Management Beliefs, the Code of Conduct represents our commitment to ethics and integrity. It is an important Governance instrument and serves as a guide for understanding the way in which we must conduct our activities daily. It also provides for the appropriate way to report suspicious behavior or a clear indication of violation.

The Code is applicable to all employees, direct and of investees, and serves as a reference for our commercial partners. Without the pretension of attending to all the possibilities inherent to the daily development of our business, it offers clear and nonnegotiable guidelines.

Thus, it is very important for you to be fully aware of its chapters. To assist you, each chapter has a selection of examples and a section that clarifies what is expected of each audience.

To ensure that the principles of the Code of Conduct are present in our daily activities, it is fully supported by the Ethics Line.

Learn more on the Code of Conduct. . Its simple. Its for everyone.

Program Pillars

The Compliance Program is based on seven pillars that guide our efforts towards our full compliance achievement. They represent important themes for the organization and receive special attention from our leaders, who should guide their teams to ensure:

The compliance with Laws and Regulations and the commitments made through the signing of Contracts and Agreements;
Obtaining the necessary Licenses, Authorities and Certificates for our businesses;
The quality and truthfulness of all the External Reports we issue.
Votorantim’s full commitment with Competition Defense, the Antitrust practice, Fraud prevention and the fight against Corruption.